Tasman C35 ...the 35ft (10.7m) sailing catamaran designed by Roger Hill from New Zealand and manufactured in Australia.

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The Tasman C35 is no longer in production. When or if production will resume is currently unknown.
All moulds are owned by, and in possession of, Nu-Log Pty Ltd.

Nu-Log Pty Ltd and Ray Rodrick successfully defended the False Legal Case and Appeal (Court Reference 9739/06) brought against them by the International Cat Manufacturer's Liquidators. Ray Rodrick successfully proved at Trial that the Solvency Report(s) prepared by the Liquidators was just plain wrong, to the extent that the Trial Judge reversed the Solvency Report concluding that ICM was indeed SOLVENT at the relevant time. Ray Rodrick and Nu-Log had alleged that the First Solvency Report was at least Negligent, and that the subsequent Second and Third Solvency Reports were not only Negligent, but were indeed Fraudulent because the errors had been specifically disclosed by Affidavits prior to the Liquidators and their Lawyers preparing both the Second and Third Solvency Reports. These errors were proven at trial and accepted by the Trial Judge as factual.

Nu-Log Pty Ltd (whose director is Ray Rodrick) won a legal Claim in the Brisbane Supreme Court on 27th November 2009. The judge dismissed the defence that Sonya Coghlan purchased the Tasman C35 hull and deck moulds and other chattels from Tasman International Yachts Pty Ltd on 30th April 2001. Further, the judge ruled that the Tasman C35 hull and deck moulds and other chattels had therefore been legitimately purchased by Nu-Log from TIY Manufacturing Pty Ltd's Liquidators and awarded possession to Nu-Log Pty Ltd.

Possession of the Tasman C35 hull and deck moulds and some of the chattels was obtained on 20th January 2010 by Nu-Log.

Nu-Log already owns and has possession of the internal furniture moulds. Justin Coghlan and his company Tasman Catamarans Pty Ltd illegaly produced copies of Nu-Log's furniture moulds.

see... Recovery of Possession of Property (Court Reference 3506/07).

The defence put forward by Sonya Coghlan, Justin Coghlan and Sarah Morrin (aka Sarah Coghlan) and their lawyers was knowingly and deliberately fraudulent and they committed perjury in doing so.

Justin Coghlan and wife Sarah Morrin plundered three successive companies into bankruptcy building these catamarans and have deliberately given false and fraudulent evidence under oath. They have failed to pay Employee Superannuation and taxes and misrepresented the company to investors, creditors and customers alike. Justin Coghlan and wife Sarah Morrin have misappropriated company funds and assets and deliberately failed to hand up proper business records to all three liquidators (or receivers).

This ends their reign in the boat building business. They have moved on to better things, like the charity Movember (you know, grow a moe in November for prostate cancer and mens depression - there is a lot more money in this!). Surprisingly they have also left the country and moved to England. The tax office predicted this.

Watch the website www.rayrodrick.com for further revelations !!!

Some information on these companies can be obtained free from the ASIC website www.asic.gov.au and more detailed information can be obtained for a small fee from an ASIC Information Broker

http://www.search.asic.gov.au/gns001.html (search page)

Tasman Yachts Qld Pty Ltd ACN 063 766 236
--- Liquidator appointed approximately February 2001

TIY Manufacturing Pty Ltd (formerly Tasman International Yachts Pty Ltd) ACN 087 626 962
--- Liquidator Appointed (22 May 2003)

International Cat Manufacturing Pty Ltd ACN 099 908 942
--- Receiver appointed (05 Aug 2005)
--- Liquidator appointed (14 Sep 2005)

Tasman Catamarans Pty Ltd ACN 115 812 890
--- Liquidator appointed (13 Dec 2007)

Information on court cases against these companies may be obtained from the Supreme Court in Brisbane or their website.
http://apps.courts.qld.gov.au/esearching/ and follow eSearching, Party Search

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