Tips & Tricks

Anchor Light
  • Whitworths have an LED replacement anchor light globe which uses a lot less power.
  • Use a garden solar light above the cabin and below the boom to warn smaller power boats who often fail to look up high for the anchor light.
  • Replace the battery in the solar light with a higher capacity rechargeable battery.
  • Twist shackle on mainsail outhaul - check for stress fractures at twist section of the shackle.
  • Mainsail outhaul webbing strap - check for wear before failure.
General Tips
  • Use small 100mm cable ties on all shackles with holes in the pin to stop the shackles from vibrating lose. Replace yearly as most cable ties are not UV stabilised.
  • Check the anchor shackles/swivels are bound with wire regularly.
  • When anchored, to prevent the bridle clevis hook from falling off the anchor chain you can use a 200mm cable tie around the hook.